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Certificate from French Art Institution.

Esteemed French Judges.

France & China Art Exhibition.

Young Artists Exchange Tour.

launched on 01.07.2022

The first 1,000 applicants who successfully apply and submit their works will receive an artistic gift (valued at HK$180)

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2022 Award Winners Exhibition Tour @France
Paris Town Hall

Thanks to the support from the French government, the award-winning works exhibition of this year's French station was successfully completed at the Paris Town Hall.

Hong Kong organizer contact:

​Hotline: (852) 94291927

​Whatsapp: (852) 94291927

French organizer contact:



Following the success of the first ever "Sino-French Young Artist Competition", the Sino- French Young Artist Competition 2022 is now officially launched! This competition is organized by the Académie Franco-Chinoise d’Art et de Culture (Franco-Chinese Academy of Art and Culture, AFCAC) and Traveling Muzeum, in conjunction with the Amitiés franco- chinoise des Hauts de France (Franco-Chinese friendships of Hauts de France, AFC-Lille), as well as top French Art schools, École Supérieure d'Art du Nord-Pas de Calais/Dunkerque- Tourcoing and EAC-Paris, école supérieure specialized in art market and cultural communication, international online Chinese learning application Ninchanese, Platform Art Education Group, Vis Education, and Nanjing University Muse Foundation, along with strong support from the French Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau. The event aims to promote the co-creation and exchange (education, culture, exploration tour, etc.) between Chinese and French youths and children. It also hopes to discover future artistic talents, and creating the moment for artistic chemistry and transcendence arouse from the meeting of different cultures.

Acrilic Paints



Esteemed panel of judges

Young Artists  will have the chance to be judged by important stakeholders from the art world in France and Hong Kong

Recognition from French Art Institution

Young Artists will be assessed by the famous French Art Institutes, the École Supérieure d'Art du Nord-Pas de Calais/Dunkerque-Tourcoing, France, EAC (EAC) in Paris and will receive accredited certificates from the institutes.

Young Artist Exchange Tour

Winners and semi-finalists will earn a place to participate in  an artistic academic tour to France (self-paid), including masterclasses with professionals from art institutions and exchange with local young artists

* will be adjusted based on the pandemic

France & China Art Exhibition

Selected Artworks will be toured around in an Exhibition in France, China, and Hong Kong

*will be adjusted based on the pandemic



École Supérieure d'Art du Nord-Pas de Calais/Dunkerque-Tourcoing


Ecole supérieure technique en Art et Communication

French Panel of Judges



Aude de Kerros

Ming Tong

Matrial Chmielina Verscharve


A well-known French cartoonist and illustrator. He has drawn covers and illustrations for the world’s top newspapers and magazines (such as the New Yorker and GQ Vogue, etc.) His masterpieces, the children's drawing book "The Trilogy of Life" has also been translated into Chinese.

Well-known French artist, art movement and art critic, holds the French National Chivalry Medal, and is the winner of the French Institute of Printmaking.

Plastic artist,professor at the Superior School of Art of Nord Pas de Calais

Director of the Tourcoing site and Director of Studies - Nord Pas-de-Calais School of Art

Etudiants d’art

Art graduate group review

Special Judgin Committee

(Un Certain Regard) 

Romuald Guiboux

Edusha Lassissi

Lucie Marchand

Sol Tissot

Hong Kong Panel of Judges


Clement Chan-2.jpg

Clement Chan (Principal Judge)

Clement Chan specializes in painting and design culture, and is also a well-known artist in Hong Kong. His painting style is influenced by Cubism, American Abstract Expressionism and Neo-Expressionism. In addition to painting, Chen has also been involved in calligraphy, music, new poetry and literary philosophy for many years, making the pictures appear a unique realm of beauty. His works are now collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Freeman Lau.jpg

Freeman Lau (Consultant)

Famous designer and artist, he has won more than 300 awards over the years. Jin Liugao, founder of creative strategy, is also vice chairman of Asia Design Association and chairman of Hong Kong Federation of Design and Creative Industries.

In 2021, won the "Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards Best Publishing Award" (2021) and "DFA Asia's Most Influential Design Award - World Outstanding Chinese Designer Award".

William Kan.png
Liu Cheng Mui.jpeg
Philip Hui.jpg
Shirky Chan.png
Nicolas LESAFFRE.jpg
Fani Hui.png

William Kan

Liu Cheng Mui

Phillip Hui

Shirky Chan

Nicolas Lesaffre

Fani Hui

Renowned film director, art director, mater class instructor, vetting committee

of Hong Kong Film Development Council, film Festival Judge. He has been in the industry for 20 years being an all-round creator, and the director of animation films with over 100 million at the box office in China, with a cumulative of more than 100 million US dollars. He has participated in more than 100 animations/live-action films/series/ads and company promotions.

Famous contemporary painter in Hong Kong, Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong Artists Association. She was the winner of the 2011 grand award in Guan-lan international biannual of prints. Her works are collected by many arts galleries and museums in China such as Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Hertitage Museum, Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum, etc.

Hong Kong artist and art educator. Phillip uses oil painting and sketching as his main mediums, and takes art elements from classical Eastern and Western Art. He creates his art with allegorical ideas and fictional scenes to express human nature and different encounters in real life. Phillip also tries to explore the relationship and coexistence between people and the environment. Philip frequently organizes and participates in local galleries' exhibitions, and his works have been exhibited in Taipei and Singapore.

An independent curator and art columnist. Shirky was invited by The Hong Kong Institution of Education as their supporting and professional artist at the “Arts @ School” project in 2014.  And being the part-time lecturer at Hong Kong Design Institute in 2020.  Selected curating projects include fund raising exhibition presented by Lamborhgini Hong Kong, “Ze/Ro” group exhibtion at Ben Brown Fine Arts (HK). Since 2017, she has been the vice Chair, and now the Chairlady, of Hong Kong Art School Alumni Network.  From 2019-2021, She has written and published over 25 art related articles.

Awarded wining French animation director, character and art toy artist and digital artist. Over 15+ years Nicolas has created a colorful palette of films, illustration, projection mapping , augmented reality in Paris, London, Los Angeles and founded and leading the creative animation studio, Nikopicto Limited.

Nicolas’s artwork has been awarded and showcased closely to 100 international film festivals and publications such as Hong Kong Palace Museum, Cannes Lions Festival etc.

M.A. in Art Education, 14 years of experience in art teaching. Having been trained by her painting master for over 11 years, Fani began her art teaching career as an artist-teacher in Hong Kong in 2006. Fani and her husband co-founded Platform Art Jamming Studio in 2015. Fani believes that art can bring cheerfulness and energy to people, and hopes to use personal professional knowledge in art education to contribute to society.

sino french artist  video 1 (9 sep)
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Who can apply?


All children and teenagers living in Hong Kong aged 3 to 17 can participate. Divisions are as follows:

Group A:3-6 years old

Group B:7-10 years old

Group C:11-14 years old

Group D:15-17 years old


The competition accepts individual entries or group entries (The same group must have at least 5 participants to register)

Entry Fee


Individual:HK$380/theme per person

Group: HK$330/theme per person (Only for schools/organizations. The same group must have at least 5 participants to register)

* The entry fee includes trophy and certificate.

* Optional: An extra handling fee of HK$50 will be charged  for returning works ​

Payment methods:

  1. Bank transfer (HSBC 808-809958-001 Long Wise Inc. Ltd.)​

  2. Payme (Please scan the below QR code or click here:

  3. FPS (+852 94291927 Long Wise Inc. Ltd.)

  • Each applicant can join up to 3 themes
    (Individual $380 or group HK$330 per person per theme)

  • A payment slip of the entry fee must be uploaded at the time of application

  • The payment slip must show applicant's name and contact number.



2022 themes (Choose one):

  1. The China/France that I know or Imagine

  2. An Homage to the Art Masters (Inspiration or recreation of a drawing based on the work of a Chinese or French artist

  3. The Wonderful World of Nature

Each participant can join up to three themes and submit a maximum of three artworks (one artwork per theme). Artwork specifications are as follow:


  • 2D drawing or painting (materials and techniques are not limited)

  • Digital drawings are not accepted

  • Size of work: 20 to 60 cm in length, 20 to 60 cm in width, height less than 2 cm (any shape and format)

Artwork Submission




  1. All entries must be affixed with a "entry label", which must be printed by the applicant.

  2. Affix the entry label to the upper right corner of the back of each artwork.

  3. Submit the artwork(s) in person or by post to:
    Room C, 14/F, Wang King Industrial Building, 2-4 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Please specify "2022 Sino-French Young Artist Competition" on the envelope. Office opening hours: Mont o Fri 10:00am to 5:30pm.

Artwork submission deadline: 30.09.2022

First round result annoucement (Hong Kong): 01.11.2022

Second round result annoucement (France): 01.12.2022

  • There will be 15 semi-finalists in each age group entering the final.

  • Once the list of semi-finalists/winners is confirmed, the organizer will announce the list on the website and social platforms, and will contact the winners by email/telephone/whatsapp for further communication, and explain the rest of the process of the event.

Returning artwork:

  • For returning artwork(s), please apply along with