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Application - Individual Entry
《2022 Sino-French Young Artist Competition》

Hotline: (852) 94291927  Whatsapp: (852) 94291927 


  1. Fill in the form below.

  2. Information required: applicant's last name, first name, telephone number (for whatsapp), mailing address (can be reached by SF express), email, age group, chose theme, a brief description of the artwork including the title and the media used.

  3. Upload a high-resolution electronic file of the artwork below, with a maximum file size of 2MB (in jpg or png format). The name of the file must be saved as "Theme code_Age Group number_Full Name in English" (e.g. the file name of Theme 1,  3-6-year-old, Chan Tai Man is "T1_A_Chan Tai Man").

  4. Pay the entry fee (HK$380/person per theme), and if needed, the artwork returning fee (HK$50). Payment methods are listed below.

  5. Upon successful payment, please upload the payment slip below. The payment slip must show the applicant's full name and phone number.

  6. Please ensure that the information is accurate.

  7. For mailing artworks details , please click here to go back to the previous page.

Age Group
Chosen Theme
Do you need to apply for artwork return (HKD50 handling fee)?

Payment Methods:

Please pay the entry fee (HK$380/person per person per subject) and, if needed, the artwork return fee (HK$50) as follows:


​File Upload:

  • ​Only ONE artwork can be uploaded per submission form.

  • ​Please name the image file as "Theme code_Age group number_Eng Full Name".

  • ​Payment Slip: Please show applicant's full name and phone number on the payment slip.

Payment Method:
How do you know about the art competition?

Thanks for applying! Please go back to the website for artwork mailing submission details.

The competititon is now closed. This form no longer accepts submissions.


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