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Application Form - Group Entry
《2022 Sino-French Young Artist Competition》

Hotline: (852) 94291927  Whatsapp: (852) 94291927 


  1. Click here to download "Group-Students Form Excel" and click here to download "Entry Label".

  2. Fill in the "Group-Students Form Excel". The information to be provided in the form includes: each student's full name in Chinese and English, age group, the theme of the competition and a brief description of the work (including the name of the work and the media used).

  3. Pay the application fee (HK$330 per person per theme). Please note  that the total payment amount must be consistent with the total number of applicants in the Excel table. The payment methods are listed below.

  4. The payment slip must show the name of the school/organization (full name), contact person's name and phone number.

  5. After successful payment, please fill in the below form, and upload the "Group-Students Form Excel" with the payment slip.

  6. After completing the online application procedure and payment, you can whatsapp to (852)94291927 to confirm whether the registration is successful.

  7. Please ensure that the registration information is correct and complete.

  8. If you have additional application, you can repeat the above steps, fill in a new application form and make another payment. Please notify us via whatsapp (852) 94291927 or email

  9. For mailing artworks details , please click here to go back to the previous page.

Payment Methods:

Please pay the entry fee (HK$330/person per person per subject) as follows:


File Upload:

  • ​Payment Slip: Please show group's full name and phone number on the payment slip.

Payment method:

Thanks for submitting!

The competititon is now closed. This form no longer accepts submissions.


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