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École Supérieure d'Art du Nord-Pas de Calais/Dunkerque-Tourcoing 

École Supérieure d'Art du Nord-Pas de Calais/Dunkerque-Tourcoing has its origins since 1836, born under the  merger of the ERBA of Dunkirk and the ERSEP of Tourcoing, and is under the pedagogical control of the Ministry of Culture.


The Esä welcomes nearly 300 students spread over its two sites, promoting a diversified and original educational offer within its Art option, which is deployed between Lille metropolis and coast. The cross-border essence of territories is conducive to exchanges: the proximity of major European cultural capitals (Brussels, Ghent, Liège, Lille, London, Rotterdam...) strengthens the influence and extent of the educational offer. The academic, professional and institutional network thus constituted makes it possible to build a real project and curriculum dynamic in the fields of education, professional integration, international mobility and research.

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