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+Our Story

Art should be lived and experienced, not just admired from afar.

Traveling Muzeum is a comprehensive art brand with the mission of bringing Art to everyday life.


With the foundations of a diverse and rich IP library of traditional artistic masterpieces, with the endorsement of world-renowned museums.

Traveling Muzeum also believes in the celebration of creativity and individual expression. We support artists in creating derivative work by putting a modern and individual twist to the classics.

+ Our Services


"To be creative is to be in love with life"

 Traveling Muzeum offers art-themed workshops or curriculums. Suited for corporate events, children curriculums, as well as private classes.


"Art is too important not to share"

Sprinkle in art to your everyday life through art souvenirs and products. Traveling Muzeum provides one-line services from ideas, design to manufacture of various products.


"Art is not an object, it is an emotional experience"

From pop-up mall events, to art-tech events to exhibition, Traveling Muzeum promises to create a one-and-a-life-time artistic experience for clients. 


"Space is the Breath of Art"

 Create and design a unique art space in your place of business with Traveling Muzeum's customisable IP library. Elevating client's experience from hotel, restaurants and more. 


+ Our Library

IP Library
Classical Paintings

Traveling Muzeum owns a rich gallery of masterpieces. From Chinese and Western artists across different styles, consistently injecting fresh inspiration into the design

Derived Work

Inspired by well-known works of art, Traveling Muzeum incorporates humor into the classics into derivative works, bringing the museum masterpieces into the everyday lives of different households.

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