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Claude Monet


Classical Painting



Monet is a French painter, and a representative and one of the founders of Impressionism. The term “impression” is derived from his masterpiece “Impression·Sunrise”, and the theory and practice of Impressionism have been widely promoted. Monet is good at experimenting and expressing techniques of light and shadow. The most prominent style is the change in painting method of shadows and contour lines. There are no very clear shadows in his paintings, nor prominent or flat contour lines. In addition, his use of color is quite delicate. He constantly d experiments the perfect expression of color and light. He often paints multiple pictures of the same object under different times and lights, expressing momentary feelings from natural light and color changes.

Monet left 500 drawings, more than 2,000 oil paintings and 2,700 letters in his lifetime. From Paris Avenue to the Mediterranean coast, from France to London, Venice, and Norway, he traveled and sketched in various places, leaving countless works.

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