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Lava Custard Mooncake Charity Giftbox


ADAM X Sip · Art X Traveling Muzeum



Given the success of last year, SIP. ART and ADAM once again combined mooncakes with local art under the charity theme "Awareness, Touch, Appreciation, and Sharing" (「知.觸.嚐.樂」) for this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, allowing us to experience life, food, and art from a different perspective.

1. Disability Inclusion
Supporting the sustainable development of local artists with disabilities in Hong Kong, and promote inclusion for people with disability in Hong Kong society.

2. Local Art
Appreciate the extraordinary artistic vision and talents of local artists with disabilities, and bring art, taste and culture into life.

3. Mid-Autumn Reunion
Sharing and celebrating family reunion through traditional Chinese customs such as moon admiring and sending mooncake gift boxes in the annual Mid-Autumn Festival.

4. Gourmet delicacies
Cooperating by a well-known food supplier with cake chefs from major hotels to create lava egg custard mooncakes with rich milk flavor and delicate taste.

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