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Herbal tea & Moon Cake Charity Gift box 月餅




Based on this concept, SIP · ART and ADAM (Arts with the Disabled Association) introduce the 「知 · 觸 · 嚐 · 樂」 Herbal tea & moon cake gift box and sincerely invite local artists with disabilities to design unique Hong Kong sceneries for the gift boxes, to present you an artistic journey of tasting moon cakes and tea.

知 Awareness - Take a step back, feel your body and listen to your soul
觸 Touch - Close your eyes, focus on your breathing pattern​ and ​experience life with touch
嚐 Appreciation - Appreciate the beauty of art through a bite and a sip of mastery
樂 Sharing - Share the joy of Mid-Autumn Festival with those around you and promote social inclusion

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