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Impressionist Paintings: Little Artist Project


Art-style Curriculum, For Kids


8堂 Classes

21世紀小小藝術家學習計劃 PREPARING THE 21ST CENTURY LITTLE ARTIST PROJECT: Time Travel to the Impressionist Famous Paintings

The children are our future. In the face of a rapidly changing environment, the future society needs many creative and literate people to operate it in order to be progressive. This year, Traveling Muzeum and Platform Art Education Group are launching the "21st Century Little Artists Learning Program", a systematic curriculum that draws on artworks from museums around the world and the stories of artists, so that children can learn to appreciate, understand and skilfully create their own artwork. With commitment to promote children's art education, cultivate and discover young talents in the art world, by allowing children to understand artists' creative techniques and ideas through courses, and enhancing their understanding and interest in art.

Walk into Van Gogh's Café; travel through the floral worlds with Monet; scream out joys and sorrows in Edvard's psychedelic space; and let Seurat forget your worries in the meadows. Transform and create unique works through the experiences and stories of the four artists, and incorporating the ingenious visions of children.

The 4-Unit curriculum surrounding four impressionist and post- impressionist artists will allow children to recognise and understand the artistic stories and the special features of their works of art through storytelling, discussion, art appreciation, and art creation. With their stories told in a lively and captivating manner, letting children appreciate and analyse the paintings of the artists, and create discussions on how to create unique works. The instructor will take photos for each student. Students will cut and stick themselves onto their paintings. Let’s join us to time travel back to the impressionist paintings!

Unit One: Café Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh Unit Two: The Waterlily Pond: Green Harmony by Claude Monet

Unit Three: The Scream by Edvard Munch Unit Four: Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat

The course objective is,

  • to cultivate children’s aesthetic taste in an interactive way of learning;

  • to help them gain a deeper understanding of the famous paintings, and

  • to develop a broader set of artistic techniques.

兒童是我們的未來,面對急速變化的環境,未來的社會正正需要大量有創意和有素養的社會棟樑。Traveling Muzeum與Platform Art Education Group今年將展開「21世紀小小藝術家學習計劃」,以有系統性的課程,借鑑世界各地博物館的藝術作品和藝術大師的故事,讓小孩學習欣賞、理解和巧妙運用佢創作屬於自己的作品。致力推廣兒童藝術教育,培養並發掘藝術界的小天才,讓小朋友透過課程了解藝術家的創作手法和思路,提升小朋友對藝術的認識和興趣。



主題一 Unit One: Café Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh

主題二 Unit Two: The Waterlily Pond - Green Harmony by Claude Monet

主題三 Unit Three: The Scream by Edward Munch

主題四 Unit Four: Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat


  • 以互動的學習方式培養小朋友如何鑑賞畫作

  • 讓小朋友更深入地了解名畫風格

  • 學習使用不同的方法去構思畫作

  • 學習不同的繪畫技巧與配色


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