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Initial X Getty Museum - Clothing Collection


Initial X Getty Museum X Traveling Muzeum



Following the successful collaboration of fashion brand Initial with the Hague Museum of Art in the Netherlands in 2019, the brand will once again extend and expand its licensing business in Asia with the assistance of Traveling Muzeum.After Longwise launched the IP of the J. Paul Getty Museum in the market, it has a huge response and different types of licensing cooperation opportunities, especially an important exhibit in the museum - the oil painting "Iris Flower" by Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. ” (Irises). Initial also took elements from its oil painting "Iris" as inspiration and injected it into its early spring 2021 menswear. While bringing a new six-piece limited-edition product to the public, it was included in the famous painting capsule series. Its products include thin blazers, shorts, Hawaiian shirts, and three short-sleeved tops. In addition to arousing the panic buying of famous painting lovers, it can also integrate art into life, taste art, and pay tribute to Vincent van Gogh.

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